A washcare label is not just a label – it is a legal requirement which must be present in all items of clothing, and it must be made accurately from a legal perspective. Over the years the laws and regulations have been evolving so it is vital that this label is produced correctly and meets the current guidelines and we are more than able to assist you with this as washcare labels is one of our longest-established departments. Not only do we have all the expertise on fulfilling your legal obligations, but we have a variety of the very latest rotary printing presses available in the market meaning we can produce all types of washcare labels that you will require. The washcare label must also stay intact throughout the life of the garment and with our advanced ink printing technology; Elite Labels can supply you with the highest quality washcare labels for your products.

Plus if you need language translations for your washcare labels, our team are experienced in managing this as we work with organisations from all across the globe. With a wide selection of ribbons for washcare labels, including nylon ribbons, acetate ribbons, Polyester ribbons and woven-edge satin ribbons we can fulfil all your needs and find a solution that supports every budget and product.
We can also manufacture self adhesive fabric care labels which are perfect for relabeling your products.